EL230 series surveymeter for the decomposition
product of SF6 in the electrical equipment

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Product Introduction
  The series of EL230 series surveymeter for which is the decomposition product of surveymeter for SF6 electrical quipment is characterized with its one kind of the portable instrumentation portability with high accuracy and intellectualization. This surveymeter can quickly investigate and accurately locate the malfunction through etecting the contents of decomposition released by the internal malfunction decomposition unit of the equipment, such as breaker, mutual inductor, GIS, casing pipe and transformer of SF6. Its remarkable property of it’s a high-precision and shortcut surveymeter convenient operation for overhauling SF6 electrical equipment leads to and its application in applicable for the industry of electricity, railways, metallurgy and petrifaction.

The Main Application
1. Quickly and accurately detect the malfunction such as radioactive fault, the undesirability of arc extinguishing of the breaker arcing, overheating fault caused causing by poor contact of SF6, and then further. Furthermore, the detection of that whether the faults have affected the surrounding equipment can also be made.

2. Rapidly By examining survey the operating SF6 gas air chambers of EL230 series surveymeter for the decomposition product of SF6 in the electrical equipment the operational SF6 which may have has the potential problems of containing the excessive over amount of the impurity and or water or any other hidden dangers. Then we can directly find , the incipient fault may be able to be directly found. Or or according to the first data, by means of reseting the reasonable time interval and making another examination retest it, we can still efficiently find the most of the operational incipient fault except the one causeding by sorbent invalidation could be found through by comparing the two sets of data.

3. The internal mechanical damage and the excursion of axle wire of SF6 which may caused by the nature disaster such as earthquake and typhoon can bring security problem to the new operation. However, they can be effectively and conveniently detected by we can densely examination survey it by using this device its fast-test ability in few days after the new reoperation. This method is considered as the most efficient and convenient way.

Main Technical Specifications



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